SS9 Revolutions (1750-1919)

March 7, 2022

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Britannica School – get a good overview of the topic

World Book Online

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Gale Science in Context 

American Revolution 
American Revolution: Invasion of Canada – Canadian Encyclopedia
American Revolution – Britannica School
American Revolution – search results from History in Context database

French Revolution
French Revolution –
French Revolution – Britannica School – also check out the “Images & Videos” link on this page
French Revolution – World Book Online
French Revolution – Victorian Web
French Revolution –
French Revolution search results History in Context database – includes videos and primary references

Haitian Revolution 
Haitian Revolution – Britannica School
Haitian Revolution – World Book Online
Haitian Revolution –  search results form the History in Context database

Industrial Revolution 
Industrial Revolution  – list of websites and resources on the Industrial revolution
Industrial Revolution – list of search results from History in Context database
Industrial Revolution in Canada – Canadian Encyclopedia
Summary of the Industrial Revolution – BBC
Industrial Revolution – BBC

Red River Resistance 
Red River Rebellion – Canadian Encyclopedia
Red River Rebellion – World Book Online

North West Resistance 
North West Rebellion – Canadian Encyclopedia
North West Rebellion – CBC
North West Rebellion – Indigenous Atlas
The North West Resistance Chronology – University of Saskatchewan Libraries

Advances in Science & Technology
Science and Technology Timeline – The Victorian Web – a timeline with links to additional information
History of technology – Britannica School
Technology & Science – British Library
Science and the Industrial Revolution –
Industrial Revolution – BBC – scroll down to the section “Scientific & Technological Development”

New Methods of Transportation 
On the Move: The Transportation Revolution  –
19th Century Transportation Movement – National Geographic
Transport – Canals & Railways – BBC Bitesize