Hist. 12 – Human Rights

June 6, 2019


World History in Context

Opposing Viewpoints 

Global Issues in Context

Science in Context

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SOGI Rights Movement
UN Makes History on SOGI – Human Rights Watch
SOGI in schols – BC Government 
UN Resolutions: SOGI – UN Human Rights 


50 years after Stonewall, we’re still disagreeing about what happened there – Time.com 
An amazing 1969 account of the Stonewall Uprising – The Atlantic

Feminist Movement
Women’s Movements in Canada – Canadian Encyclopedia 
Second-wave feminism – Khan Academy article 
Women’s rights movement – Encyclopedia Britannica 

Facts & figures: Ending violence against women – UN Women 
Violence against women – UN Human Rights 
Violence against women: 6 ways women’s human rights are violated around the world – CanWaCH  

Women’s Movements in Canada: 1960-85 – Canadian Encyclopedia 
The Seventies: Feminism makes waves – cnn.com

Violence Against Women Act Is Turning 25 – The New York Times 
What is the Violence Against Women Act? – National Domestic Violence Hotline 

The Pill and the Women’s Liberation Movement 

Abortion – HRW 

Women’s Rights – BBC

Zapatista Movement (Mexico)
The Zapatista Movement: the Fight for Indigenous Rights in Mexico 
Mexico’s Zapatista rebels, 24 years on and defiant in mountain strongholds – The Guardian

Tiananmen Square (China)
1989 Tiananmen Square Protests 
Tiananmen Square Fast Facts – cnn.com 

The Legacy of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in China

Buddhist Crisis (Vietnam)
Vietnam, Diem, The Buddhist Crisis – JFK Library 
Chronology of Buddhist Crisis in South Vietnam in 1963

Doctors Without Borders