SS9 First Nations

Updated March 1, 2022

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Gale Virtual Books

World Book Advanced
World History in Context

General Websites covering First Nations history

First Peoples of Canada

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
Aboriginal Peoples – Statistics Canada
 – modern day information
Aboriginal People – Canadian Encyclopedia – links to all the groups
Canada’s First Peoples – information various groups (environment, housing, food, hunting, tools, transportation, religion, ceremonies, art, clothing, family, social structure)
The Canadian Atlas – Canadian Geographic
The Canadian Encyclopedia Aboriginal Peoples
Canadian Museum of History (Ottawa) virtual exhibition
Enduring Traditions Among Canada’s First Peoples: Objects Made from Traditional Materials
Gateway to Aboriginal Heritage – click on the links on the left
Library and Archives Canada
Permanent Exhibitions – Museum of History
Virtual Museum of Canada

BC First Nations History

BC First Nations Historical Timeline – Aboriginal Connection
Map of First Nations Peoples of BC

Inuit of the Arctic
Inuit – Canadian Encyclopedia – various links on the side bar as well
Inuit – World Book Encyclopedia – info on land, food, clothing, shelter, transportation, religion, recreation, arts and crafts, etc.
Inuit Culture,Traditions – Window2theuniverse
Virtual Museum Inuit Culture

Iroquois of the Eastern Woodlands
Eastern Woodlands Farmers – Canada’s First Peoples
Iroquois – Canadian Encyclopedia
Eastern Woodland Region Games – Virtual Museum

Northwest Coast 
Canadian Museum of History Northwest Coast Peoples
Haida – history, daily life, culture
Haida – Canadian Museum of History
Indigenous Foundations – Arts – UBC
Native People: Northwest Coast – Canadian Encyclopedia
Northwest Coastal People – Canada’s First Peoples

Peoples of the Plains
Aboriginal People: Plains – Canadian Encyclopedia
Blackfoot Crossing Historic Park
Canada’s First Peoples – The Plains People -information on environment, food, transportation, religion, etc.
Glenbow Museum- Blackfoot

Peoples of the Plateau 
Aboriginal People: Plateau – Canadian Encyclopedia
The Plateau People – First Peoples of Canada
The Plateau People – Encyclopedia Britannica

Environmental Challenges – Canadian Geographic Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada
First Nations in Canada – Government of Canada
Honouring Earth – Assembly of First Nations
First Nations Food, Nutrition and Environment Study
Indigenous People and the Environment
Indigenous Peoples and Cultures – Government of Canada



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