SS 9 – Industrial Revolution

Updated February 5, 2018

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Biography in Context

Gale Virtual Books
WebPath Express
World Book Advanced
World History in Context

Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution – BBC Bitesize

The Industrial Revolution

  • overview of various topics (agricultural, textiles, transportation, steam)

Industrial Revolution: the first phase

  • info on textile, steam engine, canals

Victorian Web

  • general info and overview info on specific topic

Child Labor in Factories During the Industrial Revolution 

Child Labour during the Industrial Revolution – Spartacus Educational

Women Miners in the English Coal Pits 
Victorians – BBC 

Why the industrial revolution happened here? – 60 minute video from BBC

What the industrial revolution did for us? – series of short summaries of various topics related to the industrial revolution

 Agricultural Inventions

Agricultural Revolution

Agricultural Revolution

 Banking System

Banking system

  • scroll down to “Financial situations”

 Mass Production

Industrial Revolution  – scroll down to “Production”

Industrial Revolution – scroll down to “Effects”

Mass Production

Steam Engine

How a Steam Engine Works

Industrial Revolution

  • info on steam engine and Spinning Jenny
  • has timeline on industrial revolution inventors

The Steam Engine          

Steam Engine History – explanation with diagrams


Bell and the Invention of the Telephone

Telephone History


Brief History of the Cotton Industry

  • overview of textile industry

Cotton Gin

Flying Shuttle

Spinning Mule – Samuel Crompton

Water Frame

Water Frame – Sir Richard Arkwright


Development of Canals in Britain

Roads, Canals and Railways – The Transport revolution

 Industrial Revolution & Economy

Industrial RevolutionBritish Industrial Revolution in Global PerspectiveEconomy of France at time of Industrial Revolution      –  scroll down to this section


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