Geo. 12 – Physical Landforms

Updated October 24, 2018

To create your works cited list, use one of the following:

Science in Context

Gale Encyclopedia of Landforms

The Canadian Atlas Online

Mapmaker Interactive – National Geographic 
National Geographic

World Atlas 
Landforms and landscapes – OUP – one-paragraph overview of individual landforms 
Park Landforms – National Park Service – coastal, glacial, karst, rivers, tectonic, volcanic landforms 

Landforms video

Glacial Landscape and Processes – BBC Bitesize

How Are Glaciers Formed
The Franz Joseph Glacier – glacier formation and flow – video from BBC Bitesize
Landforms created by Erosion – BBC Bitesize

Mass Wasting
Mass Wasting – a PDF containing images & facts from Western Oregon University professor
Mass Wasting – causes, FAQs
Mass Wasting Processes

Plate Tectonics
Convergent Boundaries between Two Tectonic Plates
Evolution of Continents and Oceans – Indiana University

Plate Tectonic- BBC
Three major types of plate tectonic – NOAA

African Rift Valley
African Rift Valley – What is the rift valley?
East Africa’s Great Rift Valley –
East African Rift System – Encyclopedia Britannica
Rift Valley – National Geographic – scroll down to “East African Rift Valley” section
Triple Junction: The Red Sea/East Africa – The Geological Society (UK) – includes a 1 minute video

East Pacific Ridge
East Pacific Ridge – Encyclopedia of Earth – scroll down to find map on East Pacific Ridge

Plate boundaries, rifts and transforms in Iceland – 2008 article from Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland
Understanding Plate motions – USGS

Hawaiian Hot Spot
Hawaiian Hot Spot – USGS
Hawaiian Islands – The Geological Society (UK) – includes a 1 minute video
Hawaiian Islands Formation – Khan Academy video
Life Cycle of Hawaiian Hot Spot Volcanoes – Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Plate Tectonics and the Hawaiian Hot Spot

Continental/Continental: The Himalayas – The Geological Society (UK) – includes a 1 minute video
The Himalayas: Tectonic Motion -PBS
The Himalayas: Two Continents Collide – USGS

Juan de Fuca
Convergent plate boundaries – USGS
Juan de Fuca Plate
Plate Tectonics Shape (and Shake) BC – Natural Resources Canada

San Andreas Fault
San Andreas Fault – The Geological Society (UK) – includes a 1 minute video
The San Andreas Fault
Back to the Future on the San Andreas Fault – USGS 
San Andreas Fault: Location, Facts & Earthquakes

How Do Volcanoes Form?
How Volcanoes Form – a short video from BBC Motion Gallery
How Volcanoes Work?
U.S. Volcanoes and Current Activity Alerts – USGS

Volcanoes and Volcanic Features
Volcanic Processes and Landforms

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone is shaking!
Yellowstone National Park

Desert Landscapes 
Desert Biomes – BBC Bitesize
Desert – National Geographic


River Landscapes 
River landforms: overview – BBC Bitesize
River landscapes – BBC Bitesize
Rivers and Coasts – GCSE, UK
River processes – BBC Bitesize

Coastal Landscapes
Coastal landscapes – BBC Bitesize 

Karst and Cave Landscapes
Karst in BC 
Karst in BC 
Karst and Caves – Office of Environment & Heritage, Australia