SS 8 – Impacts of Explorations

Updated April 12, 2021

Citefast – use this online citation maker to create your bibliography

Suggestions of programs that you can use to create your brochure:
 – MS Word: open a new document & choose a brochures template
MS Publisheropen a new document & choose a brochures template

 – Canva pamphlet, infographic, brochure
– Piktochart  – pamphlet, infographic, brochure, PowerPoints
– Adobe Sparkvideo or brochure
Comic Life – comic
Green Screen – to bring in background images of the time period in your video
Book Creator – create your story, insert images and narrate it 
Puppet Pals – insert your own images and backgrounds
ChatterPix – insert pictures and record yourself talking through themiMovie – use this to edit/put your clips together in one video

Databases – login required
Britannica School 
World Book Online
World History in Context
WebPath Express
– click on WebPath Express on the left side menu
–  search for your topic

Indigenous Contact – Britannica School – a list of results from this search topic
Age of Discovery – Mariners’ Museum and Park – a list of explorers during that period
Age of Discovery – Boundless World History
European Exploration – Britannica School– a list of results from this search topic
Age of Discovery – Wikipedia

Suggested search terms with your topic:
european contact                colonization   ==>  betothuk and european contact

Colonisation- Australians Together
Indigenous & European Contact in Australia – Britannica Kids
Torres Strait Islanders – World Book Online
Torres Strait Islander Peoples
Torres Strait Islanders – World History in Context
Conflict – Queensland Museum

Taino – Britannica School
Taino – World Book Online
AD 1492: Taino meet Columbus – “new world” gets diseases
What became of the Taino? – Smithsonian Magazine
Taino: Indigenous Caribbeans – Black History Month 2020

First Contact in the Americas – National Geographic

Eastern Canada 
Colonies and Empires: North America Before New France – Canadian Museum of Civilization – check out also the “Useful Links” on the left side menu

Beothuk – Britannica School
Beothuk – World Book Online
Beothuk – Canadian Encyclopedia

Haudenosauee (Iroquois)
Iroquois – Britannica School
Iroquois Confederacy – Britannica School
Iroquois – World Book Online
Iroquois – Canadian Encyclopedia
Iroquois – search results from World History in Context

Wendat Confederacy – Britannica School
Huron-Wendat articles from Canadian Encyclopedia

Mi’kmaq – Canadian Encyclopedia
Mi’kmaq – search results from Britannica School
Mi’kmaq – World Book Online

Eastern United States 
Cherokee – Britannica School
Cherokee – World Book Online
Cherokees – World History in Context

Aztec – World Book
Aztec – Britannica School
Aztec – search results from World History in Context

Maya – World Book Online
Maya – Britannica School
Maya – World History in Context

Inca – World History in Context
Inca – World Book Online
Inca – Britannica School

Philippines – Britannica School

The Philippines: Overview of the Colonial Era – Association for Asian Studies

Spanish Colony: 1565-1898 – University of Alberta

The Filipino People Before the Arrival of the Spaniards 
Philippines Before the Arrive of the Spanish
Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines – Asia-Pacific Human Rights Information Center

Western Africa
The Beginnings of European Activity – Britannica School – click on the “Table of Contents” to view the topics

Kongo – World Book Online
Kongo – Britannica School
Kingdom of Kongo – Ancient History Encyclopedia

The Mali Empire – National Geographic Society
Mali – Britannica School
Mali Empire & Djenne Figures