Geog. 12 Human Impact on Environment

Updated April 27, 2017

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Online Newspapers

Abandoned Environment
As the world’s population booms, will its resources be enough for us? – National Geographic
Carbon Footprint Calculator – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Carbon Footprints – The Economist
Causes of Global Climate Change – NASA
Conservation and Efficiency – David Suzuki Foundation

Fragile Environments – Partnership for European Environmental Research

Human Impact – National Geographic
Marine Ecology, Human Impacts and Conservation – National Geographic
Our impact deepens as human consumption accelerates – National Geographic
Pollution and Waste – Government of Canada

Rainforests – Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Scholarly articles for Human Impact on Global Climate Change

Sustaining Healthy Freshwater Ecosystems
The Water Cycle: Fresh Water Storage – USGS
Wildlife Conservation – WWF
Wildlife Conservation Society of Canada