History 12 Cold War Inquiry

May 8, 2023

Citefast– a citation maker to create your bibliography
Britannica Image Quest – millions of right-free images with citations

Databases – login required
Britannica School – start here to get an overview of your topic
World Book Online – start here to get an overview of your topic
Gale Databases (History in Context, Biography in Context)

Canadian Encyclopedia 

American Pop Culture and Vietnam
Vietnam: A Seismic Cultural Shift – LA Times
The Vietnam War in Pop Culture – ABC
The Vietnam War and American Culture – Digital History

Arms Race
Arms Race – overview article from Britannica School
Arms Race – results list for “Arms Race” from Britannica 
Arms Race – History.com
The Nuclear Arms Race – History Learning Site

Atomic Bombs
Atomic Bombs – Britannica School
The Manhattan Project and the Atomic Bomb – Khan Academy article
The most fearsome sight: the atomic bomb of Hiroshima – National WW II Museum
Atomic Bomb History – history.com

Avro Arrow
Avro Arrow – Canadian Encyclopedia
Avro Arrow – BBC
The Avro Arrow – 14:11 minute YouTube video from the History Guy

Berlin Wall 
Berlin Wall – Britannica School
Berlin Wall – World Book Online
The Rise & Fall of the Berlin Wall – 6:25 minute TED Ed video
The Berlin Wall as a Political Symbol – Khan Academy article
Fall of the Berlin Wall: How 1989 reshaped the modern world – BBC

Brazil during the Cold War
Brazil – Britannica School – scroll down to the “History” section and look at the period from 1945-1960

Soviet Union
Soviet Union – Britannica School – click on the “Related” and the ” Images & Videos” tabs for more links
Soviet Union -History.com
The Collapse of the Soviet Union – U.S. Department of State Office of the Historian

Vietnam War
Vietnam War – World Book Online
Vietnam War – Britannica School
Vietnam War – National Archives
Vietnam War – history.com
Vietnam War – history.com

U.S. Involvement in the Vietnam War: the Gulf of Tonkin and Escalation, 1964 – U.S. Office of the Historian

America Lost Vietnam but Saved Southeast Asia – WSJ

The Vietnam War and the media – Britannica.com
How Journalism Influenced American Public Opinion During the Vietnam War – Kyle Hadyniak, University of Maine