Sci 8 – Medicinal Plants

Updated November 30, 2020

Citefast – use this online resource to create your bibliography

Gale Virtual Books – overview of the topic

Global Issues in Context  – excellent place to start

Science in Context – excellent place to start

WebPath Express – alternative “search engine” to Google

World Book Advanced – good overview of the topic

Aboriginal Sacred Plants: Sage – also has information on sweetgrass, red cedar and tobacco

Aboriginal traditional healing – Canadian Cancer Society

First Nations Traditional Plants & Uses – Stepping Stones 

Healing Power of Plants

Indigenous Medicines – Canadian Encyclopedia

List of Important Medicinal Plants and Their Uses – Odisha Forest Development Corporation Ltd

Medicine in your backyard: How Indigenous peoples have used medicinal plants – CBC News

Top 15 Most Powerful Medicinal Plants – TMW

Traditional Healing – First Nations Health Authority

Uses of Plants among Indigenous Peoples in Canada – Canadian Encyclopedia

What are the native medicinal plants of Bowker Creek? (Learning Portal Royal BC Museum)