Detecting Fake News

Updated May 28, 2020

All the videos below are from CTRL-F

Verifying Images & Videos  

Looking Up Claims & Website Owners


Tools to Help You Detect Fake News/Propaganda

B.S. Detector

  • can download this “browser extension that alerts users to unreliable news sources”

  • from the Anneberg Public Policy Center
Media Bias/Fact Check

  • enter the website name or the URL  on this “comprehensive media bias resource” which has over 1300 media sources

  • especially for topics related to politics

  • can search by keywords or URLs
Google Reverse Image Search

  • looks for similar images
  • can upload by URL or file of the image
Full Fact

  • The UK’s independent fact-checking charity.


Poynter’s Fact Checking Page

  • The Poynter Institute is a nonprofit school for journalists and a publisher of original journalism.

  • Canada’s political fact-checker




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