SS10 International Conflicts

December 8, 2021

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Biography in Context
Britannica School
Britannica ImageQuest – has over 3 million rights-free images with citations that you can just copy and paste for the images you use

Gale Virtual Books
World Book Advanced
World History in Context

Canadian Encyclopedia

Global armed conflicts and Canada’s role

The Canadian Armed Forces in Cyprus – Veterans Affairs Canada
Operation SNOWGOOSE – Government of Canada
Peacekeeping in Cyprus – Valour Canada

Gulf War (1991: USA/UN v Iraq)
The Canadian Navy and the Gulf War – Government of Canada
Gulf War – Veterans Affairs Canada
Persian Gulf War – Canadian Encyclopedia
New video marks Canada’s contribution to the first Gulf War on 30th anniversary- CTV
1991 Gulf War – CBC Archives
Gulf War – Frontline – PBS

Korean War (1950-3: North v South Korea)
Canada and the Korean War: Fifty Year On – Canadian Military History 
Korean War – Government of Canada
Korean War – Veteran Affairs Canada
Korean War – Canadian Encyclopedia

Rwanda Civil War (1994: UN)
Peacekeeping to Rwanda fails – CBC
Rwanda – Canadian Encyclopedia
Rwanda – Veterans Canada
Rwanda 1994 – Peace Pledge Union
Rwanda: how the genocide happened – BBC News
Rwanda: the wake of a genocide
Triumph of Evil – PBS

Somalia’s Civil War
Canadian Peacekeepers in Somalia – Canadian Encyclopedia
Looking Back: 25 years since Somalia affair stained Canada’s reputation – Toronto Star
Somalia Affair – Canadian Encyclopedia
The Somalia Affair – CBC Digital Archives
Restoration of Hope
Tragedy in Somalia
UN Operation in  Somalia

Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan (1979)
Afghanistan and Russia – chronological list of key events, background info, etc
Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan

Suez Canal
Canada and Peacekeeping Operations – Canadian War Museum
Canada and the Suez Canal Crisis: a new perspective – NATO Association of Canada
Lester Pearson and the Suez Canal Crisis
– summary; key dates; chronology; video clips, etc.
Suez – Canadian Encyclopedia
Suez Canal CrisisCBC Learning – includes video clip and other resources
Suez Canal Crisis – “Analyze why the Soviet Union took Egypt’s side during the Suez Canal crisis”
Suez: end of an empire – “Fifty years after the Suez Crisis of 1956, the Times of London looks back at the conflict between four countries over the waterway, so crucial to transportation and trade throughout the world”

Canada reaffirms support for people of Syria – Government of Canada
Canada’s response to the conflict in Syria – Government of Canada
Canada’s strategy for Syria – Government of Canada

U.S.-NATO Invasion of Afghanistan
United States Invasion of Afghanistan – Ohio History Central
Canada and the war in Afghanistan (2001) – Canadian Encyclopedia

Yugoslavia Civil War (1991-99: Serbs v Bosnians v Croats)
Yugoslavian Civil War – lecture notes from Michigan State University professor
Yugoslavia 1918-2003Battle of Medak Pocket – Canadian Encyclopedia
A war-torn land – Veterans Affairs Canada
The Canadian Armed Forces in the Balkans – Veterans Affairs Canada

Non-participation in global armed conflicts
Chanak Crisis
After Vimy: Did Canada really find its independence in 1922 battle it refused to fight? – CBC
Chanak Affair – Canadian Encyclopedia
Chanak Incident of 1922 – Canada History Project
Chanak Crisis: 1922 – The Loyal Edmonton Military Museum
The Turkish incident that changed Canada’s destiny – Macleans


Iraq War 
Iraq War: backgrounder issues
U.S.-Iraq War – University of Wisconsin – has links to various topics
War in Iraq –
War in Iraq – National Archives – list of annotated links

U.S. Invasion of Iraq
Forum on American Invasion of Iraq
Iraq: the human cost
Iraq war
Seven years in Iraq
War in Iraq

Vietnam War

Battlefield: Vietnam
– Brief history, timeline, guerrilla tactics, etc.
Vietnam War – digital history
Vietnam War – Canadian Encyclopedia
Vietnam War: Canada’s Role – CBC
Vietnam War –

Involvement in international organizations and agreements

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
Canada and APEC
APEC – Britannica School

Canada and the Commonwealth
Commonwelath – Britannica

Great Lakes-Saint Lawrence River Basin Sustainable Water Resources Agreement
Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Sustainable Water Resources Agreement – Government of Ontario
Great Lakes Agreement and Compact – Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers
Great Lakes St. Lawrence River Basin Sustainable Water Resources Agreement – Quebec Ministry of Environment

Group of Seven (G7)
Canada and the G7 – Government of Canada
Group of Seven – Canadian Encyclopedia

La Francophonie
Canada and La Francophonie – Government of Canada
Francophonie and Canada – Canadian Encyclopedia

League of Nations
Canada and the League of Nations
League of Nations – Britannica School
League of Nations – Khan Academy

North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)
NORAD – Canadian Encyclopedia
NORAD – Government of Canada

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
What is NATO?
NATO – Britannica School
Canada and NATO – Government of Canada
NATO – Canadian Encyclopedia
Canada and NATO – Canadian War Museum

Ottawa Treaty
Ottawa Treaty – Canadian Encyclopedia
The Treaty – Canadian Landmine Foundation
Canada Marks 20th anniversary of the Ottawa Treaty to Ban Landmines and announces further support – Government of Canada
Conventional Weapons – Government of Canada – scroll down to “Ottawa Treaty”
Unfinished Business: The Ottawa Treaty at 20 – Canadian International Council

Paris Climate Agreement
The Paris Agreement
Tipping point? Experts say the Paris agreement changed the climate on climate – CBC
The Paris Agreement – Britannica School

United Nations
Canada and the United Nations – Government of Canada
United Nations
United Nations – Britannica School

World Trade Organization (WTO)
Canada and the WTO
Canada and the WTO – Government of Canada
Timeline: WTO – BBC