Website Evaluation Activity

Updated September 4, 2023

You’re looking for information on explorers.  Use the website evaluation strategies you’ve learned and evaluate your assigned website using the “Website Evaluation” handout provided.

Website 1:  10 Explorers Whose Discoveries Changed the World

Website 2: 20 Greatest Explorers of All Time

Website 3: Early 20th Century Exploration

Website 4: Exploration

Website 5: Famous Explorers from History to Modern Times

Website 6: European Exploration


– Is the page/content CURRENT? (Check the date at the

– Do I need up-to-date info for my topic?


– Is the page/content RELEVANT?
– Does it have the information I need/want?
– Is it at my reading level?


– Who is the AUTHOR
– Is the person an expert in this field? (How can you

– Does the person have a degree in this field (associated
with a university/college?) 


– Is the content ACCURATE?
– Cross reference the information with other credible
sources (library databases, academic journals,
reputable sites, books, encyclopedias)


– What is the PURPOSE?
– Think P.I.E. (Persuade    Inform    Entertain)

– What is the point of view?
– Is the view objective or biased?
– How does this affect the credibility of the information?