Human Geography 12 – Refugees

October 7, 2020

Citation Makers
– use the information from this page to help you create your bibliography

Databases/Online Encyclopedias (login required)

Background info on refugees – Britannica School

World Book Encyclopedia

Academic Search Premier

Gale Databases

Google Scholar

Refugee population by country/territory of asylum – The World Bank
Refugee Statistics – UNHCR
Refugees – U.N.
Refugees and Asylum – Government of Canada  – in addition to how Canada handles refguee cases, it also has a section on Syrian refugees
The Refugee Brief – UN Refugees Agency
Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Mirgrants – Amnesty International
– click on the “Countries” tab (top) or search for a refugee group in the search box (top right)
Refugees – a list of BBC episodes and clips related to refugees-related clips from BBC

Background information about refugees – Canadian Council for Refugees
– gives stats & figures on refugees

Syrian Refugees
Background info on Syrian Civil War – World Book (login required)
– click on the “Images & videos” and “Related information” tab (top left) for more info
Syrian Refugee Crisis – Word Vision
Syria Refugee Crisis Explained – USA for UNHCR
Canada Resettled Syrian Refugees – Government of Canada
The mobility of displaced Syrians: an economic and social analysis – World Bank

Syrian Refugee Migration, Transitions in Migrant Statuses and Future Scenarios of Syrian Mobility – Refugee Survey Quarterly

Rohingya Refugees
Rohingya refugee crisis: facts, FAQs and how to help – World Vision
The Rohingya crisis backgrounder – Council on Foreign Relations