Sci 9 – Genetics Technology

November 13, 2021

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Artificial Insemination 

Entrepreneur plans to resurrect wooly mammoths – Natural History Museum in London, UK
Human reproductive cloning: The curious incident of the dog in the night-time – STAT News
Pet cloning: Man’s best friend, again – CBS News

The real reason we still haven’t cloned humans – Business Insider
Scientists clone the first U.S. endangered species – NBC News

DNA Forensics/DNA Fingerprinting 
DNA from a discarded cigarette solves a 1985 cold case murder – ABC News
DNA tracing helps reunite son, parents – USA Today
‘Forensics stop people getting away with murder’ – BBC News
Vancouver police hope DNA will help solve 7-decades old Babes in the Woods cold case – CBC News



Fish Hatcheries
For taxpayers, hatcheries are a poor investment – Victoria News
Large-scale fish hatcheries hurting Chinook salmon populations, report finds – CTV News
Nova Scotia approves new salmon hatchery for Digby County – CBC News
Potential $100 million land-based fish hatchery in Gold River being held up, investors say – Check News
Scientists worry B.C. hatchery fish threatening endangered wild chinook – Toronto Star

Brexit paves a way to gene-edited crops – BBC News
Explainer:  Everything you need to know about Canada’s new laws for GMOs and gene editing – Toronto Star
Genetically engineered trees could help fight climate change – here’s how – CBC News
Here’s what Canadians need to know about genetically modified and gene-edited foods – CTV News
Three articles from The Guardian – September 2021

Selective Breeding
Breeding of dogs with genetic disorders – Four Paws International
Dog Breeding in Neolithic Age – New York Times
New genome project aims to help PEI mussel growers tackle climate change – CBC News
Super surrogate livestock breeding – ABC News (Australia)
Why you should care about scientists sequencing the wheat genome – Natural History Museum in London, UK

Links to help you answer questions 1 and 2 

Britannica School  – good overview of the the topic

Gale Virtual Books – overview of the topic

Global Issues in Context  – excellent place to start

Science in Context – excellent place to start; has news articles as well

World Book Advanced – good overview of the topic

Digital newspapers – login & password for Vancouver Sun epapers posted in library

General Sites 

Artificial Vegetative Reproduction
Fruit – World Book article – scroll down to “Fruit Production” section

Cloning – Genetic Science Learning Center
Cloning – MedlinePlus
Cloning – National Human Genome Research Institute
Cloning – World Book article
What is cloning? – Genetic Science Learning Center

Fish Hatcheries
Aquaculture – Canadian Encyclopedia
Fish Hatcheries – Fisheries and Oceans Canada 
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
 – see “Aquaculture” and  links on the left sidebar and tabs at top
Scientists question whether BC fish hatcheries do more harm and good? – Globe and Mail 

Forensics DNA Fingerprinting
Create a DNA Fingerprint – NOVA
DNA Fingerprinting – World Book article  – gives you an overview of the topic
DNA Fingerprinting – McGrawHill video – requires Flash

Gene Splicing 
Gene Splicing – World Book article
What is “gene splicing” – short definition with an interactive activity on how to splice a gene

Genetically Modified Foods
Genetically modified foods: the facts and debates – CBC
Genetically Modified Foods – Canadian Encyclopedia
Frequently Asked Questions on Genetically Modified Foods – WHO

Human Genome Project
All About the Human Project (HGP) – National Institute of Health
An Overview of the Human Genome Project – National Institute of Health
Human Genome Project – World Book 
Understanding the Human Genome Project –  also links on the left sidebar

Recombinant DNA
Genetic Engineering – World Book article  – scroll down to “How genes are reintroduced into cells”  and look at the last two paragraphs
Recombinant DNA Technology Problem Set – University of Arizona
Recombinant DNA – Khan Academy video
Role of Recombinant DNA Technology to Improve Life – International Journal of Genomics

Selective Breeding
Artificial Selection – Understanding Evolution
Dogs that Changed the World – Selective Breeding Problems – PBS
Engineer a Crop? – PBS
Pros and Cons of Selective Breeding – PBS

Selective Breeding and GM – BBC 

Species and selective breeding – BBC Bitesize
What is selective Breeding? –

Library Books
Cloning – 174.2926 THO; 176 CLO; 571.89 SCH; 660.65s
DNA Fingerprinting – 363.25s
Genetic Technology – 174.2926 HAR; 5728 SHA; 572.8633s; 576.5 WAL; 615.895 PAN; 660.6 SEI; 664.024 SHM; R 660.6 BIO
Genetically Modified Foods – 178 KER; 333.953 GRA; 362.192 SHE; 363.1929s; 631.5233s; ; 633.15 NIE; 641.3 FRE; 651.309 JAN; 660.65 DOW; 664 GIF

Human Genome Project – 572.8633 MAR; 611.0181663 TOR; 630 PRO;

Recombinant DNA – 572.86 HAL