Eng. 10 Holocaust

Updated April 9, 2020

Use this online resource to create your bibliography 
Citation Machine

Biography in Context
Gale Virtual Books
WebPath Express
World History in Context

Jewish Virtual Library
The National Holocaust Center 
US Holocaust Memorial Museum

War & Conflict: Second World War – CBC Digital Archives
World War 2  Index – BBC Primary History 
World War 2 – BBC Bitesize – also a Holocaust link at the bottom of page
World War 2 – BBC Bitesize – 3 learners’ guides & 12 clips

World War 2 – Teacher’s Resources – BBC Primary History

World War Two: Key Events – BBC History
Primary History – WW2 Clips – BBC Bitesize

World War 2 – History Channel

Life for Young People in Nazi Germany – BBC Bitesize

Auschwitz: a short history of the largest mass murder site in human history – The Guardian
Auschwitz  – PBS
Auschwitz – U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
Auschwitz Memorial and Museum

Gestapo (Secret State Police)
Gestapo – Encyclopedia Britannica
Gestapo – BBC Archive
Report on Gestapo methods of interrogation used in Norway, 17th March 1941


Color Photos from Nazi-occupied Poland, 1939-1940

Ghettos – U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Holocaust History: Daily Life in Ghettos – The World Holocaust Remembrance Center

WWII Warsaw Ghetto – “Poland on the Web” from University of Buffalo

Jan Komski – personal history of Auschwitz survivor, includes paintings and drawings

Gross-Rosen (extermination & work camp)
Gross-Rosen – Encyclopedia Britannica
– U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
Gross-Rosen Museum in Rogoznica

Biography in Context
Gale Virtual Books
World Book Advanced
Adolf Hitler – BBC History
“Final Solution”: Overview – U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Hitler Youth
Indoctrinating Youth – U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
Links from WebPath Express

A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust – Florida Center for Instructional Technology
Introduction to the Holocaust – U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking – New York Times site; includes maps of concentration maps and ghettos
Sarah and Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre


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