Sci 8 – Earthquakes

October 12, 2020

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Britannica School
World Book Advanced
Global Issues in Context
Science in Context
GVRL database
World History in Context

Tectonic Plates and Plate Boundaries – NOAA

Earthquake Lists, Maps, and Statistics – USGS – by location and magnitude
Earthquake Archives – IRIS
Latest earthquakes – USGS
World’s Largest Recorded Earthquake –
The 10 most powerful recorded earthquakes – theguardian
Earthquakes: the 10 biggest in history – Australian Geographic
Search Earthquake Catalog – USGS
Significant Earthquakes from 1900 to 2017 – USGS

Information about Earthquakes
Animations for Earthquake terms and and Concepts – USGS

Earthquakes – BBC

Earthquake Facts – USGS

Earthquakes for Kids -USGS

Faultline – Seismic Science at the Epicenter

Science of Earthquakes – USGS

Introduction to earthquake and tsunamis

Learning Links & Earthquake Activities – USGS

What Is An Earthquake? – 4-minute YouTube video

Where do earthquakes happen?

Make Your Own Seismogram! – Northern California Earthquake Data Center