Eng. 12 – Kite Runner – Intro. to Islam

December 12, 2013

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The following links are compiled by Burnaby North Library
Islam – BBC
Qur’an – Click the chapter you’re interested in
Qur’an – click the drop-down menu “Chapter” to see all of them

Ze Frank: The History of Afghanistan in 3 Minutes
– a very brief video overview of the history of Afghanistan; fast yet entertaining


Country Profile Afghanistan – from the BBC
Timeline – a timeline from BBC from 1919-2008, with links to photographs and specific information
Afghanistan’s Turbulent History – from the BBC; a brief overview of Afghanistan’s history
History of Afghanistan – from History World
Afghanistan: A Country Study – from the Library of Congress; comprehensive study of Afghanistan’s history

Consolidation of Afghanistan

Afghanistan: The Consolidation of a Rogue State – pdf  – Washington Quarterly article

Anglo-Afghan Wars

Anglo-Afghan Wars –
First Anglo-Afghan War and Second Anglo-Afghan War – both from the Library of Congress

Reign of King Zahir Shah
King Zahir Shah – information on King Zahir Shah and his uncles from Country Studies
King Zahir Shah – an article from the BBC

Reign of Daoud Khan

Daoud Khan – information from Country Studies
Mohammad Daoud Khan — a concise biography from Afghanistan Online

Soviet Invasion and Occupation
Soviet Invasion – information on Communism, Rebellion, and Soviet Intervension
Soviet Invasion – information on the Soviet Invasion from NationMaster, scroll down for information.
Moscow’s Afghan War – a timeline from BBC from 1979-1989

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