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Updated November 18, 2021

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Chinese Inventions (for Song & Ming)

China: Song Dynasty
Song Dynasty -Britannica School (login required)
– info about founding start of empire, expansion, decline of Song & end of the empire & culture
Song Dynasty – World History in Context

Song Dynasty – summary

Invention – World Book (login required)
– info about standardizing use of paper money
– info about handheld gun, movable paper
– government civil exams, fall of power

Map of Song Empire
Map of extent of Song Empire – World History in Context (login required)
Map of Song Dynasty
Map of Northern Song in 1100
Map showing both Northern and Southern Song
Song Inventions

Song Dynasty– Northern & Southern Song, history, invention & technology, culture

Song Dynasty Inventions

Song Dynasty – YouTube video (6:20 mins) 
– overview of the dynasty (rise, decline, inventions, achievements)
– clicked on the “settings” icon to reduce the play back speed to .75
Sung literature – Britannica School (login required)


India: Mughal Empire 
Mughal Empire – World Book Student (login required) – includes map & overview of empire
Mughal Empire – Britannica School (login required)
Mughal Empire – Britannica School (login required)

Mughal Empire – World History in Context (login required)

Mughal Empire – BBC

Monuments built during Shah Jahan’s time – YouTube video (2:31 mins)

DK History: Who were the Mughals
Map of Mughal Empire (login required)


China: Ming Dynasty 
Zheng He – Britannica School (login required) – sea voyages

Chinese Dynasties – Britannica School (login required) – scroll down to “Ming Dynasty”

Ming Dynasty – Britannica School (login required)
Ming Dynasty – an overview
Ming Dynasty – World Book Student (login required)

Ming Dynasty – World History in Context (login required)

Ming Dynasty: China Dynasties Guide

The Ming Dynasty Clothing

Haida – Britannica School
Haida – Canadian Encyclopedia
Haida –
Haida –
Haida Religious Traditions – Encyclopedia of Religion
The Haida – Canadian Museum of History
Northwest Coast People – Canada’s First Peoples
Social Organization – Canadian Museum of History
The Story of the Haida – 6:31 minute video
Warfare – Canadian Museum of History

Ottoman Empire
Ottoman Empire – World Book Student (login required) – introduction, ways of life & history

Ottoman Empire – World History in Context (login required)

Ottoman Empire – Britannica School (login required)
Ottoman Empire
Ottoman Empire: map at its greatest extent (login required)

DK history: Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Empire key facts

Ottoman Empire –


Japan: Shogunate Period 
Japan: History – World Book Encyclopedia (login required) – scroll down to “Rise of the Shogun”

Shogun – World Book Encyclopedia Student (login required)

Shogunate – Britannica School (login required)

Who were the Shoguns?


Mali Kingdom
The Art of Ancient Mali – Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
The Empire of Mali – BBC
The Empires of the Western Sudan: Mali Empire – Metropolitan Museum
Mali Empire – Britannica School
Mali Empire – National Geographic
West African Kingdoms – BBC