Sci. 10 – Space Unit

January 4,  2021

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Britannica School

Science in Context

World Book Online

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Astronomy – Britannica School
Space – World Book

Big Bang: The CMB – NASA
Big Bang: Comic Back Ground Radiation – 11:35 minute video from Khan Academy

Black Hole – World Book
Black Hole – Britannica School

Canadarm2 – Canadian Space Agency
Canadarm – Canadian Encyclopedia

Dark Energy/Dark Matter – NASA

About Dexter – Canada Space Agency
Dexter – Canada’s space handyman

Distance in space – Science Learning Hub
Cosmic Distances – NASA

How to survive in space hangouts – NASA

Life Cycle of a Star

How do we know what’s in space? – Northwestern University

What does it mean when they say the universe is expanding? – Library of Progress

Just how fast is the universe expanding? – Astronomy

Milky Way – Britannica School
Milky Way – World Book
Milky Way – NASA

Universe – Britannica School
Universe – World Book

What happened before the Big Bang – 14:35 minute video
What happened before the Big Bang – NBC News

What is the International Space Station? – NASA
A Day in the Life Aboard the International Space Station
International Space Station – Canada Space Agency