New Socials Curriculum

Updated November 7, 2019

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Curriculum Connections  tab offers 100 examples connecting a resource on this site to a lesson topic and activity.  Each example outlines the Big Idea, Curricular Competency, Content and any Aboriginal Education connections that might be addressed

Curriculum Starting Points tab has District Created Examples K to 10

Professional Support  tab has videos and templates that can be customized to use with colleagues & students

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We are Canada – CBC
– shows Canadian innovations, many by young people in their late teens and 20s. Many of the projects deal with social issues 
– last episode includes director of National Centre of Truth and Reconciliation; 

Social Studies 9

BC First Nations History
BC First Nations Historical Timeline – Aboriginal Connection
Map of First Nations Peoples of BC 

Indigenous History in Burnaby Resource Guide – Burnaby Village Museum

General Websites covering First Nations history 
The Canadian Atlas – Canadian Geographic 
Canadian Museum of History (Ottawa) virtual exhibition 
Permanent Exhibitions – Museum of History 
Virtual Museum of Canada 
Canada’s First Peoples 
The Canadian Encyclopedia Aboriginal Peoples  
Library and Archives Canada 
Enduring Traditions Among Canada’s First Peoples: Objects Made from Traditional Materials

Native Knowledge 360

BC History 
British Columbia – Canadian Encyclopedia
City of Vancouver Archives 
Early History of BC – Canada: A Country by Consent

Encyclopedia BC
Memory BC
Royal BC Museum
viHistory – census, population, maps and links to other related topics

The Fur Trade and the North-West
Effects of the Fur Trade
Fur Trade – Canada’s First Peoples
Fur Trade – Canadian Encyclopedia
The Fur Trade in Canada and the North West Company – McGill Library
North West Company – Canadian Encyclopedia

From BNA to Canada, Colony to Country
Constitution Act, 1867 – Canadian Encyclopedia

Canada’s Government System 
You and Your Government – YouTube video

Confederation and Nation-Building
Canadian Confederation – teaching resources from Library and Archives Canada for ages 11 and up
The Making of Confederation – lesson & activity included ( from CBC)
Confederation Simulation – grade 10 activity from UBC teacher resources kit

Canadian Geography

Immigration and Settlement During the 1800s 
150 Years of Immigration in Canada – Stats Canada
History of English Immigration to Canada – Scattering Seeds 
Immigration in Canada – Canadian Encyclopedia
Immigration Records – Library and Archives Canada
Settling the West: Immigration to the Prairies 1867-1914 – Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21  

Napoleon and Napoleonic Europe

New France and the French-British Conflict in N.A.

Political Revolutions: America, France, and Russia

The Fur Trade and the North-West

Agricultural Revolutions

The Industrial Revolution

World War I 
Veterans Affairs Canada Learning Videos 
The Battle of Vimy Ridge Parts 

Legacy Series videos – showcase powerful, personal accounts of the Second World War through the lens of aviation 

Socials 10


Canada’s Legal System

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms

The Political Spectrum

Canada’s Government System

Kinds of Voting Systems

Canadian Identity

The Roaring 20s

the Dirty 30s

The Rise of Dictatorships and WW2

Postwar Prosperity (1950s-1960s)

The Cold War

Quebec Nationalism

Current Aboriginal Rights and Issues

Constitutional Changes

Canada’s International Involvement (1945-1990s)

Technological Changes 20th-21st Centuries

Human Geography and Demographics

BC and Canada’s Economy and Environment

Globalization and the Global Economy

Environmental Challenges