Updated February 15, 2022

Generally MLA 8 is the citation style that you will use to cite your sources.  Below are four online citation makers to help you create a Works Cited list (bibliography).


Create citations in MLA, APA, and Chicago formats

Add citations and a bibliography directly to your paper

Toggle between styles without entering all the info again


Create citations in APA, MLA, or Chicago format for 18 types of sources

Easily copy and paste your citations and export


Cite over 50 types of resources (including digital images & blogs)

Cite using the MLA style only


Cite your sources using over 9,000 styles

Cite directly inside a Word document or Google Doc

Build a collaborative bibliography with others

MLA Style Center – Citing Sources – quick guide, citations with formats, templates and interactive practice

How to Read the Elements of a Citation – University of New Brunswick – start at 0:55

Introduction to Citations – University of Southern Maine

MLA 8 – How to cite an article from a database, do an in-text citation (Santiago Canyon College)

Video about the Chicago Style from Laurier Library
Notes & bibliography system – (2:14-4:06 mins)

How to format in Chicago style and add citations in Word citation machine

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