SS 10 ELD Environmental Issues

June 2, 2022

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Britannica School

World Book

Britannica ImageQuest

The Canadian Encyclopedia

Air pollution

Air pollution – Britannica School
Air Pollution – World Book Student
Air Pollution – kidcyber
Air Pollution: Causes, Effects & Solution – Learning Junction video (1:52 mins)

Air pollution – EPA

Air pollution videos from
Air pollution – WHO – overview, impact and WHO response
Air pollution: drivers and impacts – Government of Canada
How can we save the Earth from air pollution? – American Museum of Natural History

Climate Disasters/Climate Change

Climate Change – Britannica School
Climate Change – World Book Student

Effects of Climate Change – WWF
How many climate disasters will today’s children face? – CBC
Billion-Dollar Weather and Climate Disasters – U.S. National Centers for Environmental Information
The 7 most devastating climate disasters of summer 2021 – CNN
High Rise in Climate Disasters – UN video (0:54 mins)


Deforestation – Britannica School
Deforestation – World Book Student
Deforestation – National Geographic Society
Deforestation –
Deforestation in Canada: key myths and facts – Government of Canada 
Deforestation: causes, effects and solutions – 3:05 minute video from Learning Junction

Destruction of Habitat
Global impacts of habitat destruction – National Geographic
Losing their homes because of the growing needs of humans – WWF
Habitat Destruction – National Geographic Kids

Landfills/Littering/Plastic Use
Landfill – World Book Student
Basic Information about Landfills – Environmental Protection Agency
Landfills – BC Government
Hidden Damage of Landfills – Colorado University
Here’s How Much Plastic Trash Is Littering the Earth – 0:58 minute video from National Geographic
Littering – Government of Alberta
What are single use plastics?
Plastic Waste & Pollution Reduction – Government of Canada

Loss of Biodiversity
Biodiversity Loss – Britannica School
Biodiversity Loss –
Biodiversity loss:  what is causing it and why is it a concern? – European Parliament News
Biodiversity loss risks ‘ecological meltdown’ – scientists – BBC News 
A ‘Crossroads’ for Humanity: Earth’s Biodiversity Is Still Collapsing – New York Times
Loss of biodiversity poses as great a risk to humanity as climate change – The Economist

Water Pollution
Water Pollution – Britannica School
What is water pollution? – Environmental Pollution Centers
Water pollution videos from
Water pollution – Canadian Encyclopedia
Water pollution: everything you need to know – NRDC

Water Waste 

The Truth About Water Waste – 27:30 minute video from 2014
What are some ways to reduce your water waste?
Water Wastage in Canada