SS 8 – Civilizations

Updated October 4, 2019

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Anneneberg Learner Interactive

Biography in Context

Gale Virtual Books
Science in Context
WebPath Express
World Book Advanced
World Book Student
World Book Discover
World History in Context

Benin Plaque – BBC
The Story of Africa – BBC – links on left side bar
West African Kingdoms – index on the right side
Ghana, Mali, Songhai – brief summary
Ghana: Historical West African empire – Encyclopedia Britannica

Mali Technology & Culture

Ancient Kush –
The wealth of Africa: The Kingdom of Kush – The British Museum
The wealth of Africa:  The Swahili Coast – The British Museum

East Africa: Swahili region – History in Context – more links on right sidebar
Swahili – History in Context – check the “Table of Contents” on right sidebar  

China: Song Dynasty (960 – 1279) 
Song Dynasty – World Public Library 
The Song Dynasty in China – Columbia University 
Song Dynasty: Definition,Achievements & Facts – 
Song Dynasty –

Song Dynasty Culture: Political Crisis and Great Turn – article (advanced reading level) from Indiana University 

China: Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644) 
Ming Dynasty – Encyclopedia Britannica 
Ming Dynasty – The MET 
An Introduction to the Ming Dynasty – Khan Academy 
The Ming Dynasty – University of Washington 
The Ming Dynasty – University of Oregon

Chinese Cultural Studies: Concise Political History of China – scroll down to find Sung Dynasty and Ming Dynasty
Chinese Dynasties – Ford Library and Museum; has links to other dynasties
Nova: China Bridge – click on various links for more information

India: Mughal Empire (1526 – 1761) 
India: from 750 to c. 1200 – Encyclopedia Britannica
India map: c.1200 – c. 1500 – Britannica Kids 
Mughal Empire – BBC 

Islamic Spain and Ottoman Empire
History of the Ottoman Empire – University of Texas at Austin
Islam – Kidspast – links on the left
Islamic Spain
Islamic Spain – BBC
Ottoman Empire – Kidspast
Ottoman Empire – Metropolitan Museum
Umayyad Dynasty – Encyclopedia 

Ottoman Empire (1301 – 1556) 
Note:  the Ottoman Empire lasted until 1918
Ottoman Empire – BBC 
Ottoman Empire during World War One – BBC

Medieval Japan 
The Edo Period in Japanese History – Victoria and Albert Museum
Imaging Japanese History
Japan’s Feudal Society – an interactive game to test your knowledge from Pearson Education
Medieval Japan – Encyclopedia Britannica
Medieval Japan – Columbia University
Samurai: A Brief History
Shogunate – Encyclopedia Britannica
Welcome to Edo
Social Structure
Japan under the Shoguns
Tokugawa Political System
Shogunate – Encyclopedia Britannica

Islamic Spain
BBC – Religion
Muslim Spain – BBC

Haida – Canadian Encyclopedia 
History of the Haida Nation – Council of the Haida Nation

Haida – Canadian Museum of History – information on people & land, art and villages
Northwest Coastal People – Canada’s First Peoples – an excellent source
Haida – Collections Canada 
Haida – SFU 


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