E.L.L – Canadian Inquiry

April 3, 2019

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Canadian Encyclopedia

World Book Student

Britannica School

Women’s Fashion
Canadian Dress – Canadian Museum of History 
Canadian Fashion Since 1867

Canada Day
Canada Day – Canadian Encyclopedia
Canada Day – World Encyclopedia Student

Different types of forests in Canada
Forest Classification – Natural Resources Canada
Forest Regions – Canadian Encyclopedia
Types of Forests Found in Canada

Canadian TV & Movie – History
Television in Canada
TV in Canada – CBC

Endangered Animals
Endangered Species – Nature Canada
Endangered Animals – Canadian Encyclopedia
Endangered Species in Canada – CBC

Culture of Hockey
Hockey Culture – Canadian Living
Canada seeks national identity through sport – Edmonton Journal

Extreme Weather in Canada
Top weather events of the 20th century – Environment and Climate Change Canada

Pop Music in Canada
Popular Music – Canadian Encyclopedia

BBC Bitesize – Solar System

National Geographic Kids – Planets

NASA Space Place

Passport to Space – National Geographic Kids – information about the different planets

European Space Agency Kids

Our Solar System – NASA Science

Facts about space – National Geographic Kids
What is space? – ESA

The Sun – World Book Kids

Animal Colors That Catch the Eye 
Are Brighter Colors Better?
Deceptive Coloration

Why is the sky blue? – NASA Space Place
Why is the sky blue video

Why are all of the planets round? – Cool Cosmos
Why are stars and planets round? – Cornell University
Why are planets all the same shape? – Popular Science 

Sun – NASA Solar System Exploration
The Sun – DK Findout
Sun – World Book Kids

Why do Vegetarians Live Longer? 

Classifying Animals – Fact Monster