SS 10 Cold War Project

Updated March 10, 2021

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Britannica School
Britannica Image Quest

World Book Online

Gale World History in Context

Atomic Spies 
William Somerset Maugham – PBS
Ethel Rosenberg – Spartacus Educational
Atomic Bombs and the Atomic Spies – Gale History in Context (scroll down the page
Atomic Spies or Atomic Lies? – Gale History in Context
A Spy’s Path: Iowa to A-Bomb to Kremlin Honor – Gale History in Context
Iowa-born, Soviet-trained: George Koval was a baseball fan and a chum to the guys in his U.S. Army unit. So why did he steal one of America’s most valuable atomic secrets for the USSR? – Gale History in Context
Spy’s Role in Soviet H-Bomb Now Discounted – Gale History in Context
Outliers: Big Sur and George Koval, atomic spy– Gale History in Context

Arms Race 
Arms Race – Britannica School
Nuclear Arms Race – American Museum of Natural History
The Nuclear Arms Race
Race for the Superbomb – PBS

Berlin Wall
Berlin Wall – Britannica School
The Berlin Wall – Gale History in Context
The Berlin Wall Falls & USSR Dissolves – U.S. Office of the Historian
What was the Berlin Wall & How did it fall? – Imperial War Museums (U.K.)

Backgrounder on Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Accident – U.S. NRC
Chernobyl Accident and Its Consequences – NEI
Chernobyl disaster – Britannica School
Chernobyl Accident 1986 – World Nuclear Association
Chernobyl Accident: Exposures and Effects – International Radiation Protection Association
What happened in Chernobyl? – Greenpeace

Chinese Civil War
China, 1912-1949
China, Civil War – World Book Online
Chinese Civil War – Britannica School
Chinese Civil War – Wilson Center

Cuban Missile Crisis 
Cuban Missile Crisis – Britannica School
Cuban Missile Crisis – World Book Online
Cuban Missile Crisis – Harvard Kennedy School
The World on the Brink: JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis – JFK Presidential Library and Museum
The Cuban Missile Crisis – Yale Law School

East Germany and the Stasi
Germany – Britannica School
– go to the Table of Contents and click on “History” and scroll down to the section “Formation of the Federal Republic of Germany”
The Stasi – Gale History in Content

Economic Growth in China after 1949 
China – Britannica School – go to the section on “Economy”
China – World Book Online – go to the section on “Economy”

Fall of Communism
Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, 1989 – U.S. Department of State
Fall of Communism – Khan Academy
The Fall of Communism – CrashCourse

Korean War
Korean War – Britannica School
Korean War – World Book Online
10 Quick Facts on the Korean War – Veteran Affairs Canada
Korean War – list of search results from Gale History in Context

The Red Scare
The Red Scare – Gale History in Context search results
Red Scare –
McCarthyism and the Red Scare – Miller Center
The Red Scare –

Space Race
Space Race – Gale History in Context search results

Suez Canal Crisis
Suez Crisis –
Suez Crisis – Canadian Encyclopedia
Suez Crisis – Britannica School

Vietnam War
Vietnam War – Britannica School
Vietnam War – World Book Online
Vietnam War – Canadian Encyclopedia
Vietnam War – Ohio History Central
Vietnam War  – Gale History in Context – list of search results including primary sources, videos, audio, etc.