SS8 Castles & Fortresses

February 7, 2021


Britannica School 

World Book Online

Photos of Middle Eastern Castles and Manor Houses 

Alhambra – Britannica School
Alhambra –
The Alhambra – Khan Academy

Ancient Africa
African Architecture – Britannica School
10 of the most amazing castles in the Middle East & North Africa

Mali Empire
Great Mosque of Djenne
Mali Empire search results – Britannica School
Magnificent Mud Architecture of Mali

Ancient China
Architecture of the Forbidden City
Chinese Architecture – Britannica School – click on the Table of Contents on the left to see the different time periods
Beijing Attractions – includes The Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, etc.

Chinese Architecture – China Highlights

Temple of Heaven (Beijing) – UNESCO
Temple of Heaven – Britannica School (login required)

Imperial Palaces of the Ming & Qing dynasties – UNESCO

Forbidden City (Beijing) – CNN
Forbidden City – Britannica School (login required)
Forbidden City – World Book Online

Ancient India
Taj Mahal – Britannica School
Mughal Architecture – Britannica School
Akbar period architecture – Britannica School
Mughal Architecture during Akbar, Islamic Architecture

Ancient Japan
Japanese Architecture – Britannica School  – click on the “Table of Contents” on the top left to see the different time periods

Japan’s Samurai castles – Gale World History in Context
Art & Architecture of Ancient Japan
Types of Castles & the History of Castles
A Traditional Japanese House
History of Traditional Japanese Architecture

Islamic Empire
Islamic Architecture – Britannica School
Islamic Architecture – Victoria & Albert Museum
8 Master Pieces of Islamic Architecture –
Medieval Muslim Society – Khan Academy

Middle East
Great Mosque of Mecca – Britannica School
Iranian Art & Architecture – Britannica School
10 of the most amazing castles in the Middle East & North Africa
The most famous castles and citadels in Iran

South America

Aztec – Britannica School
Aztec People
Aztec Architecture
Aztec Society

Inca Architecture
Inca Architecture -Discover Peru
Incan Empire Architecture –
Machu Picchu – Britannica School
Machu Picchu – National Geographic
Temple of the Sun at Machu Picchu –

Maya Architecture
Mayan Civilization – Canadian Museum of History

Chichen – Itza
Itza – Britannica School

Tikal: Temple of the Jaguar 
Tikal – Britannica School
Tikal: archaeological site, Guatemala
Tikal –