Eng. 12 – Media Literacy

Updated April 7, 2017

Media Literacy Survey

12 Steps to Spot Fake News

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Hillary Clinton Fights Back

Trump Orders Phones Covered

Obama Signs Order Banning Pledge

Trump Tower game-changer

Beaver Accidentally Herds 150 Cattle


How good are you at spotting fake news? 
CBC News Fake News Quiz 
MSN Fake News Quiz 
BBC Fake News Quiz


Here are some tools to help you detect fake news/propaganda. 
B.S. Detector – can download this “browser extension that alerts users to unreliable news sources”

FactCheck.org – from the Anneberg Public Policy Center

Media Bias/Fact Check – enter the website name or the URL  on this “comprehensive media bias resource” which has over 1300 media sources

Polifact – especially for topics related to politics

Snopes.com – can search by keywords or URLs