SS 11 – Canada after WW II

March 3, 2017

EasyBib – use this online resource to create your bibliography

Biography in Context 
Canada in Context  – search by the decade (1950s  1960s 1970s etc) 
Canadian Reference Center – search 1950s and canada and society, etc

Gale Virtual Books
WebPath Express
World Book Advanced
World History in Context

Archives Canada – provincial, municipal, university and other archives

CBC Digital Archives
Canadian Encyclopedia – search by decade ==> 1950s     1960s
Canadian War Museum  
Cultural Diversity in Canada: The Social Construction of Racial Difference – Department of Justice
The Census and the evolution of gender roles in the early 20th century Canada 
In an Uncertain World 1976-1990 – CBC
Library and Archives Canada
Vancouver Island University – time line from 1930s to 200s
20th Century Canadian History – gives a quick overview of major events

1968-1989: Political Events – Canadian Museum of History (click on the left for “Daily Life” link)

BBC Archives – “themed collections of radio and TV programmes, documents and photographs from as far back as the 1930s”

20th century – Eyewitness to History
–  chronological list of some major events in the world, each leading to more info

BBC Archives – scroll down to “ERAS” and to “WAR AND CONFLICT” (at bottom)

Google search terms:
canada and 1950s
canada and 1960s

Contemporary Events 1950s – Canada History Project 
Enduring Diversity:  Living Arrangements of Children in Canada over 100 Years of the Census – click on the links The baby boom; Post-baby boom to the end of the 20th century)

1970s – New Economic Realities  – CBC

Hundred years of immigration to Canada 1900 – 1999 – Canadian council for Refugees
Setting the Scene: The Post-WWII Canadian Economy – article from Canadian Business Economics

Seven decades of wage changes – Perspectives on Labour & Income  
Social History – Canadian Encyclopedia (scroll down to Post-War Change
Technology in Canada – Canadian Encyclopedia (scroll down)
Why did Canadian Immigration Policy Change after 1945 – Marianopolis College

Gulf War
1991 Gulf War – CBC Archives
Gulf War – Frontline – PBS

Iraq War  
Iraq War: backgrounder issues
U.S.-Iraq War – University of Wisconsin – has links to various topics 
War in Iraq – 
War in Iraq – National Archives – list of annotated links

Korean War (1950-3: North v South Korea) 
The Korean War 
“Find information on U.S. forces as well as Special Operations information and insignia. An air war chronology is provided. Click on flags to read about United Nations and communist forces.” 
The Korean War – 
“Find out about the troop movement during major events of the Korean War including MacArthur’s amphibious invasion”

Rwanda Civil War (1994: UN) 
Rwanda 1994 – Peace Pledge Union 
Rwanda: how the genocide happened – BBC News 
Rwanda: the wake of a genocide 
Triumph of Evil – PBS 

Somalia’s Civil War 
Restoration of Hope 
Tragedy in Somalia 
UN Operation in  Somalia

Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan (1979) 
Afghanistan and Russia 
– chronological list of key events, background info, etc 
Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan