Websites – CRAAP Detection

Updated September 4, 2023

From the UNW Media Archive

  Websites:  C.R.A.A.P.  Detection



– Is the page/content CURRENT? (Check the date at the

– Do I need up-to-date info for my topic?


– Is the page/content RELEVANT?
– Does it have the information I need/want?
– Is it at my reading level?


– Who is the AUTHOR
– Is the person an expert in this field? (How can you

– Does the person have a degree in this field (associated
with a university/college?) 


– Is the content ACCURATE?
– Cross reference the information with other credible
sources (library databases, academic journals,
reputable sites, books, encyclopedias)


– What is the PURPOSE?
– Think P.I.E. (Persuade    Inform    Entertain)

– What is the point of view?
– Is the view objective or biased?
– How does this affect the credibility of the information?