SS 9 – English Civil War

October 15, 2014



World Book Advanced – get an overview and definition of the topic

History in Context

Gale Virtual Books

WebPath Express

Bill of Rights Act – BBC

Civil War and Revolution – BBC

The British Monarchy – links on the left side bar to various monarchs; can also search english civil war

English Civil War scenes – British Library

English Civil War timeline – Oxford Reference

The first crisis of Charles’ reign – info from a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Oliver Cromwell – History Channel

War and Revolution – BBC

The decline and fall of Charles I –  info from a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Civil War – British Parliament – an overview

The Execution of Charles I – BBC
Choosing Sides in the English Civil War – BBC
Charles I – British Monarchy

You can use Comic Life (school computers or iPads) to create your comic.  OR  use one of the sites below suggested by Ms. Ghani.

Comic Strip Generator


Make Belief Comics



Comic Sketch


Tiki-Toki – can generate timelines with images and descriptions

Dipity – can generate digital timelines with images and videos

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