SS 10 – Confederation Colonies

Updated January 28, 2019

Ctiefast – use this online resource to create your bibliography

World History in Context

CBC Digital Archives
Canadian Encyclopedia
Canadian Points of View
Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online 
Canadian Confederation – Collections Canada – excellent place to start 
Confederation for Kids – Library and Archives Canada 

Confederation – great place to start; many resources on various aspects

A People’s History – Canada in the Making – on the right there is a link on when BC joins Confederation

Canadian Confederation – Collections Canada – timeline

Quebec and the Confederation Project – Marianopolis College

The Debate – Confederation Rejected – Memorial University of Newfoundland

Confederation PEI – St. Dunstan’s University

The Six British North American Colonies from Collections Canada

Canada West ( Ontario) 
Robert Baldwin – DCB
Robert Baldwin – Canadian Encyclopedia 
Robert Baldwin – Library and Archives Canada

Canada East (Quebec) 
Sir George-Etienne Cartier – Canadian Encyclopedia 
Sir George-Etienne Cartier – Library and Archives Canada

Nova Scotia 
Archibald, Sir Adams George – DCB
The Honourable Sir Adams G. Archibald – Legislative Assembly of Alberta 
Sir Adams George Archibald – Library and Archives Canada
New Brunswick  
John Hamilton Gray – Canadian Encyclopedia
John Hamilton Gray – Library and Archives Canada

Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley – Canadian Encyclopedia
Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley – Library and Archives Canada

Prince Edward Island 
George Coles – Canadian Encyclopedia 
George Coles – Library and Archives Canada 
Prince Edward Island (1873) – Library and Archives Canada

Additional Information is found at the Evidence Web , select the confederation link.

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