Truth & Reconciliation

September 21, 2022

A collection of 17 videos on Truth & Reconciliation in Destiny Discover

Playlist of 15  video/audio clips on Truth & Reconciliation from Curio
– ranging from 1:32 minutes to 40:06 mins long
– can access from school or with your Curio account from home

NFB Playlist for National Truth & Reconciliation Week in Canada
– need to activate your NFB Campus account to view the videos
– see Ms. Yan if you need help

NFB Blog – includes classroom activities & mini lessons on Treaties, key terms, readings & videos on “some essential topics in relation to the Indigenous historical perspective and the effects of colonization.”

Links compiled by Ms. Sandhu
12 ways to participate in reconciliation – Kids Help Phone
Personal acts of reconciliation – CBC
Orange Shirt Society
Indigenous Education in Burnaby Schools – list of resources compiled by SD41
What is Reconciliation & How Can We Support Reconciliation in Canada – CAPP
Reconciliation: What does it mean? –  8:25 min video – a panel of discussion with Indigenous leaders and experts from Government of Canada website
Witness Blanket activity – “stories [that] address themes of racism and cruelty”

Orange Shirt Resource Book –  teacher workbook with activities

Decolonizing Teaching Indigenizing Learning from UBC
– curated resources in English & French), Orange Shirt Project
– Curriculum Bundles link has resources on different subjects & targeted audience

Actions for reconciliation as citizens and educators – BCcampus