YRCA Books Released This Week!

The YRCA books will be available the week of Nov 14th to all students in grades 4-7.  I will talk to each class about these books this week.  There are some fantastic books this year.  Even some of the teachers (and our principal) are reading them. See how many you can read.  Before we vote, we will have some YRCA book club meetings in the library at lunch. Stay tuned for more details…and check the YRCA page for updates and links to book trailers and web sites for each book.

Click for more information on this titleClick for more information on this titleClick for more information on this title

Who can vote? – Anyone in grades four through seven who has read (or has heard read) at least two titles from the list.

When do we vote? – Between March 15 and April 15.

Where do we vote? – Mrs. Araujo will provide the ballots.

When are the winners announced? – In mid-April.

The World’s Largest Animals

On Monday, October 17th Division 8 was introduced to a new non-fiction series about the world’s largest animals. 

We read a book about the Red Kangaroo and learned what a “marsupial” was.

Are you interested in the world’s biggest animals?  Come to library and check it these books and more!