Div. 1 2018-19

Oct. 2, 2018

Good afternoon Div. 1.  Please think about yourself as a reader and then complete the survey below. 

After you have submitted your survey you are going to write and send a book recommendation.

  • Log into the library catalogue and check your history under the “My info” tab. 
  • Choose a book you have read recently (in the past year) that you would like to recommend to someone in your class. 
  • Find that book in the catalogue and click on “recommend”
  • Find the person or patron to whom you want to recommend a book
  • Write your recommendation.  2-3 sentences. Tell a little bit about your book, what kind of book is it. why they would like it.  Is it part of a series? Are there other books like it? Do a COPS check. Click on SAVE once you’ve edited in and asked at least one person to read it. 
  • Some sentence starters you could try: I think you should read this book because… I know you like…so I think this would be a great read for you.
  • Be creative and persuade your reader that they must read this book.