Fall 2015 Intermediate Challenge

December 18th

It was an exciting day as students first viewed each other’s films and gave feedback. Next students had an opportunity to make any final changes before the final film was shown. Now each group’s film can be seen on Vimeo.

Student reflections:

  • The most challenging part of this project was building the props and set.
  • I noticed making the movie requires skill and patience.
  • I learned that stop mo is harder than it sounds.
  • i learned making stop motion movies takes a long time but it is really fun.
  • I learned working with others means not everything you want happens.
  • Next time I would find better effects and take more pictures.
  • My favourite part was working with a partner because last time I did a project by myself.
  • I wonder how long it takes professionals to make one stop mo video.
  • The most challenging part was filming and making sure that we had enough pictures and making it smooth.

We hope you enjoy watching them as much as the students had fun making them!