Celebration of Literacy Assembly Nov. 29th

Thank you to all the students who contributed to the Celebration of Literacy Assembly yesterday.  The book talks from Division 1 were fantastic and everyone learned a lot from the animal research projects of Division 2.  Thank you also to Division 9 students who shared their personal connections to the reading they are doing.  Finally congratulations to the 120 students who received their 50 nights of reading certificates.  Keep on reading!

Reading Club Forms Due

Please bring your 50 nights of reading club forms to the library by Tuesday if you want to receive a certificate and be recognized at the assembly on November 29th.  All forms received after Tuesday will still be accepted, but names will be read at our next assembly for 100 nights.


Wow! Snow! I hope you all got a chance to play in the snow today.  When you’re in the library next week check out some of our great books on snow like Perfect Snow by Barbara Reid, Snow is my favorite and my best by Lauren Child or, one of my favourites, Stella, queen of the snow by Marie Louise Gay.

YRCA books released Monday!

On Monday I will visit Divisions 1-4 to talk about the fantastic books nominated for the YRCA awards this year.  If students read 2 or more of the books in a category they will be eligible to vote for a winner in the spring.  Come to the library if you want to check out a YRCA book and find out more.

Reading Club reaches 50 Nights!

Monday, November 15th marks 50 nights of reading for our reading club.  Please send your completed forms to the library ASAP and pick up your new orange 100 night forms.  There will be an assembly to recognize students who receive their 50 night certificates on Monday, November 29th at 1:00pm.  All are welcome!

Welcome to the Library Blog!

Hello students, staff and parents of South Slope Elementary/ BCSD.  Welcome to the Library Blog.  I hope to use this blog to let you know what’s happening in the library and more.  Posts will include announcements, book reviews, contests, and more.  I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment whenever you like.