Fall 2017 Primary

This term students participated in activities designed to develop Curricular and Core Competencies, as well as build relationships with other students in the group.

Our Big Ideas this term were: Story can be a source of Creativity and Joy and Technologies can be used to allow us to tell stories in different ways.  Our focus this term has been stop motion animation. 

First, the students viewed a number of short stop motion animation films and we discussed the principles of animation.  Then, in small groups students learned how to use the Lego Movie App to create a short film using our school iPads.  Next, students became part of an animation team.  They created a storyboard for their project and then presented their ideas to the group for feedback.  Following this, students created characters and sets from a variety of materials, and then began to film their stories.  Students will present their projects to the group before the Winter Break.