2017/2018 Projects

Division 6 worked on a special project in the library during term 2.  As part of the Science curriculum, students were learning about how motions of Earth and the moon cause observable patterns that affect living and non-living systems. Then they are used what they have learned to create stop motion animation movies that show how the moon changes and how it affects living and non-living things on Earth.  They learned the principles of animation (take a picture, make a small change, add speed) and how to use a variety of materials to make sets and characters.  Students are using iPads and the Lego Movie app.  We celebrated the completion of our movies with popcorn as we viewed them in the library.  Students provided feedback to one another on what went well and goals for next time. Click here to watch our movies.  Hope you enjoy them!

In second term Division 7 came to the library to work on digital storytelling using our iPads. We used the Toontastic app to help us learn about story elements such as setting, characters, conflict, climax and resolution. First the students played with the app and used it to retell well know fairy tales. Next students completed storyboards for their own original stories. Then students worked on recording and animating their stories using the app. We celebrated our hard work with a sharing session.  We watched all of our stories and provided feedback to one another: What did the makers do well? What could they improve? We learned and noticed many things.

  • It is important to make our voices clear and loud enough for the audience to understand.
  • When we animate (move) our characters, it makes the story more interesting.
  • When we use expression our audience wants to listen.
  • Our pictures need to match our words for the story to make sense.
  • It is important to listen to our team and make decisions about our story together.
  • Everybody needs to do their share of the work.
  • We had fun telling our stories and listening to our classmates’ stories.
  • We enjoyed learning how to use a new app: Toontasic.

We hope you enjoy watching our final projects!  Click here to view.