Gingerbread boy found in Library!

It was an exciting week at South Slope/BCSD!  Divisions 9 and 10 have been reading many versions of the Gingerbread man story and even made their own gingerbread boy.  On Tuesday they put him in the oven to bake, but when they returned to the kitchen he was gone!  They searched all over the school, but couldn’t find him.

On Wednesday morning when I came back to the library I noticed all the missing posters they had made and spoke to some of the students about their missing gingerbread boy.  Later that day I was shocked to see the gingerbread boy running through the library!  He was so frightened, but agreed to stay with me and not run away.  Divisions 9 and 10 were close on his heels when they arrived at the library.  I brought him out to see them and read the letter he had written to them.

After school, I took the gingerbread boy up to Grouse Mountain.  He will stay in the gingerbread village there until Santa’s reindeer, Dancer and Vixen, can bring him back to Gingerbread Land.

What an exciting week!

Thank you to Ms. Lawder for use of the photos of this memorable event.