Welcome Back!

Welcome back! I missed you and so did the library. I hope you all had a great summer and found some good books to read.  These are a few of the books I read this summer.  I highly recommend them. They can be checked out from our library soon.  There will be some changes in how we use the library this year.  Stay tuned for updates!

Aboriginal Stories

During the month of May we have been reading Aborginal stories in the library.

Some classes have been reading books by author/illustrator Julie Flett. We have noticed her use of the colour red and other earth toned colours.  We also noticed how her books make us feel peaceful and happy. We have learned a few new words and phrases in Michif and Cree.

Other classes have been reading new books like Taan’s Moons by Alison Gear. We loved the amazing felt artwork created by Kiki van der Heiden and students from various schools on Haida Gwaii.

Finally some classes have enjoyed reading Orca Chief, Raven Brings the Light and Cloudwalker by Roy Henry Vickers and Robert Budd.  We are amazed at the beautiful paintings and enjoy trying to find the hidden clues in each illustration.

Come and check out these amazing stories any time from the library.



Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, Everyone!!! I hope everyone had a relaxing break and read lots of great books.  Here are some books I read over the past two weeks.


And here are some more new books ready for reading in the library.  Come and check them out now!

image image

Happy Halloween!

Well, it was another exciting Halloween at South Slope/ BCSD.  Today reminded me of how much I love my job and working at this school.  We had the primary costume parade in the gym, the haunted house, the intermediate dance and more.

it was also a fun week in the library with lots of great read alouds.  Here are some of the fantastic books we read this week.

Happy Halloween!


Awesome authors!

There are two new fantastic graphic novels in the library:


On Sunday night I had the opportunity to listen to the authors, Raina Telgemeier and Kazu Kibuishi, and meet them. It was a fabulous evening and I learned a lot about the creative process. There were so many kids there and they were all excited to meet the authors.

A few things I remember:

  • Raina draws everything in a rough draft before she submits it to her editor.
  • Kazu writes everything down like a script before he draws.
  • “Repetitive practice is the key to sucess.” Kazu
  • “Try not to make decisions based on fear.” Kazu
  • One of Raina’s favourite books as a kid was Calvin and Hobbes.
  • After both author have drawn their comics in ink, they have colourists who add the colour.

Three great things about the night:

  • My daughter got to ask Raina a question in front of the whole audience.
  • I met Raina Tegelmeier and she knows who I am on Twitter.
  • Seeing students and former students at the event.


Can you guess who some of these mystery readers are?

Come see me in the library to check out these new books and more!

What a week!

It was a busy week in the library.  We had our Scholastic Book Fair all week.  I hope you had a chance to visit and find a great new read. Thank you to all the parent and staff volunteers who helped make it a success.


We also had student led conferences on Wednesday and Thursday.  Many students came to the library to show their families our school iPads.  They shared imovies, ebooks, Haiku Deck poems and more!


Reading club reaches 200 nights tonight!

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve reached 200 nights of reading!  Please bring your forms to the library and pick up your new 250 night forms.  Reading club members will be recognized at our next assembly on April 29th.  Don’t forget that everyone who hands in their form is entered to win in the book draws!

What am I reading tonight?  I bought a new book for the library called The Copernicus Legacy by Tony Abbott.  It’s a thrilling adventure where four children set off around the world to solve a mystery.  I can’t wait to find out what happens next.  My goal is to finish it this weekend so I can bring it to school Monday for one of you!


The Art of Clean Up

Do you like things neat and organized or random and messy? Would you like your alphabet soup sorted by letter in your bowl or your laundry sorted by colour? This week Division 20 read a great new book called The Art of Clean up by Ursus Wehrli.







Afterwards we had fun sorting our own collections In a variety of ways.


Journey wins Caldecott Honor!

During literacy week we all read the book Journey by Aaron Becker. It is an stunningly beautiful wordless picture book that celebrates the imagination.  This week it was announced that Journey had been awarded the prestigious Caldecott Honor.  Congratulations, Mr. Becker!

Watch the video below to learn how the book was made: