ANNOUNCEMENT: We’ve just added more centers, making these kits even more inclusive of design thinking, creativity and problemsolving. 

How do you integrate ADST into your day? You might consider the following: 

What do the concepts of social emotional (perseverance, resilience, self regulation), curiosity, exploration and problem solving have in common? They are all intricately woven in the fabric of Applied Design, Skills and Technology. At the elementary level, these experiences can be captured through centers focused on developing the mindset capacity of Computational Thinking in ADST. Including the core competencies of Personal Awareness, Communication and Critical Thinking provides a greater depth to the sessions. 

Centers allow multiple entry points to include something for everyone (a success story waiting to unfold). Each center is designed for active engagement in both the building/making aspect, as well as revealing self regulation, perseverance, resilience… (Personal Awareness Competency). Reflection during and afterwards is key to explicitly connect the maker mindset and language of the competencies (critical thinking, communication, personal awareness) in using “I can…” statements.
The following instructions are part of our growing number of centers. You can download each of the instructions to glue onto cards. (Some centers may require further supplies and these are listed by *.)

Price List (Purchase list to create your own) 
Competencies Outlined for Each Center (Core Competencies and Curricular Competencies) 

  1. Elenco Snap Circuits 
  2. Graffiti Board (*need whiteboard, coloured whiteboard pens, eraser)
  3. Keva Planks
  4. Lego Chutes Plus
  5. littleBits Coding (*needs a computer) [removed for repair]
  6. Sphero Sprk Robots (needs ipad) Charging instructions (Recommended 6-Port USB charger)
  7. LittleCodr cards (unplugged) 
  8. Makey Makey (kit 1) (*need computer, playdough, graphite from pencils, tin foil) 
  9. Makey Makey (kit 2) (*need computer, playdough, graphite from pencils, tin foil) 
  10. Pixel Art (unplugged) (*may need computer Excel spreadsheet)
  11. (online) (*needs computer)
  12. Hopster Coding Safari (NEW), Crossy Road, LightBot, CargoBot, ScratchJr, Swift Playgrounds (*aimed at Primary; ipads with downloaded apps, need wifi)
  13. Garage Band (*need ipad with downloaded app)
  14. Sphero (*schools have their own set; need ipad with app) 
  15. Bee-Bots (unplugged & plugged robot K-1, borrow this from DLRC)
  16. Ollie (robot similar to Spheros) (*needs ipad, borrow from DLRC)
  17. Dash-N-Dot (*needs ipad, borrow from DLRC)
  18. Lego We-Do (*needs ipad, borrow from DLRC)
  19. mBot (robot) (*needs ipad, borrow from DLRC)

NEW TO 2019/2020 YEAR 

  1. Binary Code & Indigenous Loom Beading (ASCII Binary Code Table, box looms [*variety of colours of seed or pony beads, thread, long needles, E6000 glue, small amount of fabric covering ends, keychain rings]
  2. TuringTumble: build mechanical computers powered by marbles to solve logic puzzles
  3. Circle Loom Knitting: create knitting weave patterns to create products (*bulky yarn)
  4. Picture books: captioning concepts of ADST, design thinking, digital citizenship 

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