Visual Literacy


Graphica (or graphics) are visual representations on any surface, such as a wall, canvas, computer screen,  paper or cyberspace.  They serve to inform, illustrate, communicate or entertain.  Graphics may combine elements of text, illustration, photo and colour.  The use of graphics serve to enhance understanding and thus is a powerful tool to use in education.

Consider strengthening understanding through activities that incoporate the visual literacies:

  • Graphic organizers such as Inspiration/ Kidspiration/ InspireData allow multiple ways to organize ideas and convert to writing process.  
  • Digital Photography (for use in movies, PSA, flyers, blogs, storytelling, process reflection, presentation work)
  • Word Clouds  (text presented in visual way)
  • Thinglink (interactive images – make images come to life with text, hyperlinks, audio, video). (*Remember this accesses a US-based server.)