All The Right Type – ONLINE


Keyboarding is an essential foundational skill in our digital world. The ability to be proficient in using a keyboard has never been more important for success. For students that touch type, more time can be spent on creative processes instead of the mechanics of typing. 

Students learn proper posture and hand position, which reduces possible painful injuries. Bad habits are hard to break and if you currently use the “hunt and peck” method, you may only be able to reach speeds of 25 wpm. Learning to keyboard correctly, could increase the speed to 40 and beyond. 

Step by step lessons are provided; however there is no substitute for the teacher walking around and engaging with students in the skills.  

Click for a Quick Start Guide that will start you off. *Ensure you are using the Canadian site:

If you are interested in having your class participate, please contact Michelle Mactavish (Learning Technologies Team).