This software program provides an integrated visual and written outline environment to support visualizing, thinking and writing. The process can be used in all phases of learning from brainstorming, organizing, clarifying/analyzing information, and developing thinking skills.  Students build visual diagrams or graphic organizers to represent their ideas, which can be converted into an organized outline where they are able to continue with the writing process. This type of support increases the possibility of strengthening written communication.

Why use Inspiration?


  • Brain naturally organizes and categorizes new information to make sense of it
  • 40-50% of population are visual learners
  • 40% are kinesthetic/tactile learners
  • only 10-20% are auditory learners

How Can I Use Inspiration?

  • Express and organize thoughts, ideas, categories
  • Comprehend and communicate
  • Tap multiple learning styles
  • Develop emerging literacy skills
  • Access Outline View, audio feature and dictionary to support writing process


  • Take-Home copy: If you would like a take-home copy of Inspiration (SD41 only) – Click here.
  • Extra Templates; Lessons that have been tested – Click here
  • BC Performance Standards (Reading Comprehension;  Writing/Communication) – Click here.