Team O365 & Makerspaces Writing

Technologies provides opportunities for everyone to both be challenged and to be included. This team merges the platform of O365 and the curricula of Writing. Using Design Thinking and incorporating “making” prior to print, we’ve seen students develop and unpack complex thinking to push their writing. Reflections and on-going assessments are always part of the learning circle. For more information on O365, please go to our O365 site in the portal

Use Imagination Pattern blocks to build a story
Beginning, Middle… using Imagination pattern blocks


Developing Beginning, Middle, … using Imagination Pattern Blocks?  (presentation slides


Metaphors, Dice and Poetry (maybe even Poetry Slam) – After all, poetry was meant to be performed.  (presentation slides)


Podcast Stories – Podcasting concentrates on the element of voice (intonation, prosody…). How does accessing other medium/modalities invite a multi-sensory approach and include more learners? 

Intro to virtual reality.  Managing our controller.
Intro to virtual reality. Managing our controller.

Virtual Reality Glasses… Have students write a paragraph on the setting of a story (fiction or non-fiction [think like David Suzuki documentary]). Then put on one of our VR Oculus glasses and explore the world. Spark up your senses. After 15 minutes, put down the glasses and write the paragraph again. Compare the two.  Or choose a topic like “medieval castles” and record what you know. Use the VR glasses to explore the world for 15 minutes. Then return to writing. Consider how your writing has changed. 

More coming… Stay tuned as we continue to explore, learn and unpack our journey.