What is Kidspiration?

Kidspiration is an educational software program that is based on the use of graphic organizers to record, sort, and organize ideas to be further developed into a written piece of work.  Graphic organizers allow for ideas to be organized based on relationships and are linked visually.

 Why use it?

Kidspiration takes the graphic organizer concept further by allowing a learner to transfer the visually linked relationships to a writing outline so that the ideas can be expanded upon textually.  It allows the learner to draft, revise and publish their written work through a writing outline of their graphic organizer and the ability to export to word processing. The transfer from one stage of the writing process to another is seamless and easy. The younger student will develop early literacy skills, while more advance students improve comprehension and learn to organize their ideas for writing.


  • Kidspiration is easy to use
  • Can be used across the curriculum
  • Includes ready-made activities
  • Increases motivation to read & write
  • Improves student learning

THE View (Picture and Writing)

Students build webs, groups and concept maps with the symbols in Picture View. In building their graphic organizers, they can “see” their thoughts take shape. Students easily move from the Picture View to the Writing View. Symbols in the Writing View help students connect pictures with words. Students turn their pictures into sentences, to paragraphs, to a completed project. The layout and ease of use encourages students to return to their work and build on their thoughts.  Students are motivated to bring it all together and polish their final project.

 Listen and Recording Tools

The listen tool lets students hear any text read aloud. They can also record their own words.

Symbol Maker

Using the powerful drawing tool, Symbol Maker, students draw pictures and symbols to express their thoughts. These images can then be used in their projects.

Resource Files

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