Blogs (or web logs) use social media tools to support communication.  You can present information in multiple ways (text, audio, images, video), reflect upon learning, respond to others as well as offer opportunities to develop deeper thinking.  Ongoing conversations result in visual threads of processing.   While it allows for conversations to happen and provides historic content, it also functions as a website (building your digital footprint). 


What Can I Do with Blogs?

  • Communicate with students and parents.  Post your curricular content, criteria for projects, newsletters.  Post what’s happening in  the class. Help parents to understand the new curriculum and assessment practices.
  • Generate dialogue within Literature Circles and Humanities classes. Students have the opportunity to think, respond and be challenged in their thinking.  Consider using it as a platform for journalism.
  • Create enthusiasm for writing anytime anywhere
  • Personal platform to engage in professional dialogue and personalized learning

Getting Started 

Some Living Examples Out on the Web:

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’.  The following are blog sites featuring a range of possibilities for integration of the literacies in curriculum.