And the winner is…

Well, the votes are in and we have chosen our Canadian Picture Book of the Year.  South Slope has selected We found a Hat by Jon Klassen as the winner! 

We chose this book because…

  • The pictures can tell the words and because the eyes of the turtles can make me laugh.
  • The author made unique illustrations because he made the turtles shell patterns different from each other.
  • It makes me feel like that other turtle who wants the hat to tell the truth of why he really wants the hat!
  • The pictures match the words and the pictures tell the story on their own. I also think it is very funny. (I like it very very much!) 
  • It makes me feel happy because it reminds me of my dad since he always wears a hat. 
  • It has powerful words.

In close second place was Town is by the Sea by Joanne Schwartz and pictures by Sydney Smith. 

We chose this book because…

  • It makes me a little sad. I go to the graveyard to visit my grandfather, my father’s father.  He was a miner, too.
  • It reminds me that my town is by the sea.  And it is a peaceful book. 
  • It has unique and creative illustrations.  It makes me remember that I used to live by the sea.
  • I feel that I’m in the book and it repeats. 
  • The pictures make me feel calm.  

We enjoyed reading and talking about the other books as well.  When we were Alone was recently voted a winner in the Governor General Literary Awards. The Snow Knows was named the Marilyn Baillie Picture Book of the Year.  

We look forward to reading more great Canadian picture books next year! 


Thank you!!!!

THANK YOU!!! Thank you to all the parents and families who visited and volunteered at the book fair.  We raised over $1700 in product commission that will be used to buy new resources for our library.  Our next fair will be in February.  See you then!

Thank you and please return your books!

Last week students visited the library for their last storytime and book exchange of the year.  We read the Thank you book by Mo Willems.  This is the last book in the well loved Elephant and Piggie series.  We will miss Piggie and Gerald, but I’m sure they’ll remain among the most popular of books to check out of the library.  As a response to the book, students were invited to write a thank you to someone on a post it note and put it in the hallway.  We wanted to create a “Thank-o-rama” for all to see!  Come and have a look at some of the wonderful thank you’s that students and staff have written. If you want to leave your own thank you note, you are more than welcome!

As the library begins the inventory process this year it is very helpful to have all books returned.  The due date was June 13th so please check at home if you have any overdue books or maybe even in your desk or classroom.

Poem in your pocket day

We have celebrating poetry in the library and in the school during the month of April.  Today was a very special day: Poem in your pocket day.  Everyone was invited to put a poem in their pocket to share with someone else.  Today classes shared their poems with each other, their buddy classes and more.

Poem in your pocket

Some classes also went to David Grey Park to share their poems there.  Click here to see a great video on Ms. Shuster’s blog about our day.

We have lots of great poetry books in the library.  Come and check one out any time.  Here are a few of the new books we have that celebrate the great art of poetry.



Remembrance Day

Please join us at 10:30 am in the gym on Tuesday, November 10th as we remember and reflect in sign, song and spoken word.  Our theme this year is “Peace is in our Hands”.

Please watch and listen to the video below to see our students’ thoughts about peace and hear the voices of the South Slope Choir.


On Wednesday, November 11th you can attend the Remembrance Day Ceremony in Burnaby at:

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #83 – South Burnaby

Parade begins at 10:30 AM from Fire Hall #3, 6511 Marlborough Avenue. Ceremony begins at 11:00 AM.



October 26, 2015 is the 9th anniversary of the BC Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) challenge. Dear started as a small challenge between school libraries in 2007 and has since grown to involve many participants across the province. The simple, but powerful idea of DEAR is to promote the importance of literacy by having as many students and adults as possible read at the same time on the same day.
Today we celebrated DEAR by reading after lunch for 20 minutes.  Everyone dropped everything and brought their books to the hallways, classrooms, the library and more.  image
The goal for October 26, 2015 is to have EVERYONE in BC put down their work, turn off their computer screens, pick up a book, magazine or newspaper and read for 20 minutes.
Reading is a beautiful thing!

Scholastic Book Fair


Next week the Scholastic Book Fair will be back in the library.


Dates: Monday, September 21 – Thursday September 24

Times: Open at Lunch, Recess and After School. We will also be open during parent-teacher interviews on Tuesday and Thursday.

Check the notices sent home and posters around the school for more details.

At least 50% of all sales will go towards resources for your school library. Parent volunteers are needed! Please sign up just out side the library or speak to Mrs. Araujo for more details.

Hope to see you there!

Jesse Miller was here!

Today students and staff at South Slope/BCSD listened to some very thought provoking presentations by social media expert, Jesse Miller. He spoke to our intermediate students about how they communicate and how they share their stories. Many of our students are using social media like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and more, despite the fact you must state that you are at least 13 years of age in order to get an account.

Here are some things Jesse Miller asked us to think about:

“Social media is the deep end of the internet pool, and young kids are still learning how to swim.

Would you pay $1 a day to use social media like Instagram or Snapchat?

When you lie about your age to get an account, you are compromising your character.

Would you feel comfortable if your parents, your teachers, your principal or the police saw what you are posting?

Make sure your story online is something you’re proud of.

The digital world allows us to learn without boundaries, but we need to be thoughtful and safe. Ask for help if you need it.

Privacy setting don’t work that well. How can we make things safer?

Are you connecting to have the world at your fingertips? or

Are you connecting to have the world look at you?

Connect with those you care for and learn from respected professionals.”

In the afternoon, I spoke to one class about what they learned from the presentation and what they might do differently.  Students shared a variety of ideas including shutting down their account, changing their privacy settings or being more thoughtful about what they post.  Others wondered if anyone had been “creeping” their account and noticed that social media can be both good and bad.


If you would like to learn more about Jesse Miller, please visit his web site: