Division 4

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June 25

Here is are some of our reflections:

What did you enjoy most about creating your book trailer?

Getting the pictures and picking the music to match the theme of the book.
We like createing the recordings. And we enjoyed showing it to the class. We also liked to see other peoples books trailers because it gave us ideas to make our’s better.
I enjoyed learing new things for the imovie trailers having the experience of using the app imovie.
I enjoyed doing doodle buddy and speaking on the Ipad. Taking the pictures and creating the script. We enjoyed doing the vioces and getting the pictures and putting it together. We also enjoyed working toggther and helping each other with the book trailer.
I liked how you could add sound effects and music to your book trailer. I also liked how you could use the ipads instead of a computer.

What did you learn?

How to use imovie. And that you can make really cool short movies. And imovie is fun to work on. Also it taught us that once we got a hang of using it it was really easy to work and it made us want to do more book trailers.
-how to crop pictures-to use lots of websites to get photos-how to gather lots of information-how to get the link of the picture-how to sell a book
We learned how to use special features in imovie and we learned that it looks easy to make a book trailer but it is a bit diffcult.
How to put music,transitions, and how to crop.
How to use Doddle Buddy, Whiteboard, creative commons, to search images, how to use imovie,how to record and put pictures on it. 
We learned that when your looking for images if somthing inappropriate comes up you scroll away very fast! Also tell the teacher if you see the image.
We learned to speak louder and to work togeter nicely, to have patience and we learned to have lots and lots of fun while we did the book trailer.
1. We learned that we are good at making other people want to read the book we’re making a movie for. 2. We learned to work together to make the book trailer the best we can.3. We learned how to work iMovie.
We learned it’s hard to make even a short film, and that you need to be in a very quiet room to work in. The timing was very hard to put in the movie.Some of the images were very hard to find,plus we didn’t use all the images that we found.Then the funniest part was when we found one image, and it took a long time to find, but then sometime later on we realized we didn’t need the image.So we learned to think what we need for imovie.So it was fun making the movie but there was some difficulties when making the movie and also we learned to have some humor. It’s harder than it looks.

What should we do differently next time?

use more expresion,ask the teacher to pick our own book, make our book trailer a bit longer, have more time to work on it, find more images,
I  wish we would have more time to do the imovies
More expression, not sound like we were reading from the script, a bit louder,more enthusiasm and humour
Try to put more images on the imovie and more sounds and effects and try to improve our transions.Try to speak louder and more clearly.
We should have more emotion when we spees in our trailer.
Try to be louder so people can hear us clearly when they are watching the book trailer. we needed to show morepictures and humor in the trailer 
Go to a quieter place so our voices are more clear the teachers should let us explore more websites for pictures.


June 24

Now that we are finished our trailers, please complete the form below with your reflections.

May 27

Creating imovie book trailers.

Students will create book trailers using ipads and the imovie app.

Learning intentions:

  • Students will communicate meaning through the creation of a digital story.
  • Students will analyze the mood of a book and reflect the mood in music, images and narration.
  • Students will celebrate and promote reading by viewing each other’s digital stories.
  • Students will share these stories with the world.

Book trailers:

Click here to see student made book trailers.

Click here to see teacher made book trailers.

The Familiars

Number the Stars

The Witches




Our lessons will be adapted from readwritethink.org.  Teachers, click here for the lesson plan.

Image websites:
Please use the creative commons search for your images and remember to keep track of your images as you copy them to the camera roll.



September 19th


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