Read any good books lately?

Students in Divisions 4 and 5 have been busy writing book reviews for our online library catalogue called Destiny.  First students read many different reviews and created criteria for a good book review.  Then students chose a book from our library and wrote a review.  Next, they edited it with the help of peers and teachers and finally posted it online.  These reviews are now available to all students and staff in Burnaby on the Destiny catalogue.  The reviews have also been posted in the hallway and in the library.  Here are just a few:

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Have you ever been hungry between meals but there is nothing in the snack cupboard? I know I have! Well, now you can fight back against the urge of hunger with Snack Attack! It gives you over 80 things to snack on after school, on game day or practically anywhere! This book has a truckload of food you and your friends can snack on anytime, anywhere! It goes all the way from cheeseburger dip to Australian meat balls and so on! It even has some amazing desserts you can have after (or before) some of the yummiest dinners ever by your mom! My favourite recipe is probably the cherry chocolate chip cookies. I have tried them and they are delicious!!!! The amazing soft center and crispy edges mixed with the soothing flavour of melted chocolate and then there’s an explosion of flavour when you hit a cherry!! If you like humour, dessert and cheese burger dip, I totally recommend this book to you and only you!!!!

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Do you ever feel like you’ve lived a day over again? Well this is the perfect chapter book for you. This book is by Wendy Mass. It’s a great mystery and realistic fiction book. Amanda and Leo were born on the same day, same hospital and right beside each other. They have always celebrated their birthdays together. On their 11th birthday they don’t celebrate together and that is when they have to live that day over and over again. My favourite part of this book is on the second day when Amanda finds out that she is living her birthday over again. I recommend this book to grades 4-12 and to anyone who likes a bit of humour, action and mystery. Enjoy!

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Have you been involved in a terrible tragedy? Will’s involved in one in this dramatic story by Eric Walters. Will, a grade 9 student, will be spending the day at his father’s workplace, the World Trade Center. Will’s dad works on the 85th floor of the South Tower of the World Trade Center. But a plane hits the North Tower. Will’s Dad tells everyone on the 85th floor to evacuate but Will and his father stay to check to make sure everyone gets out. Then a plane hits the South Tower. Will and his father are above the floors where the plane hit. James (Will’s friend) is worried because his dad is a firefighter and went up to save people, but he hasn’t come back. Does everyone survive? Read it and find out. My favourite part is when Will is scared going up the elevator because Will’s dad told him that the elevator goes really fast. It made me laugh out loud. If you are interested in historical fiction, you will really like this book.

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